For the past 50 years, the Beijing Research & Design Institute has promoted technological development in a shift from diagonal tires to radial tires (car, truck, giant models, large special models), in the application of new materials, such as nylon cord and all-steel cord, rubber products, and the localization of rubber processing and testing. Its progress has brought it more than 200 awards, including the National Science Conference award and one for National Science and Technology Progress, as well as others at the provincial level.

The technological advances have helped in tire for Hongqi sedans, Beijing Jeep, light trucks, and military vehicles. Some manufacturing technology has also been used by large and medium-sized Chinese tire manufacturers, as well as companies in Southeast and South Asia.

In more recent years, the Design Institute has had some success in developing machinery and production technology for giant all-steel radials, and aircraft tires.

It took second place in the China Petroleum and Federation of Chemistry Science Progress awards for three technological developments -- the Rubber Plastic General Machinery Safety Standards, production technology for 57-inch giant all-steel radials, and production and application technology of rubber oil for environmental protection.

Its Usage and Case Study of Automobile Tires project took second place at the Petrochemical Statistics Association’s Excellent Statistics Project awards. And, in 2011, its patented Automatic Winding Device for Tire forming Machines got an award for an Excellent Patent in China’s Chemical Industry".

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