The Rubber Industry Beijing Research & Design Institute (BRDI) was founded in 1955. It is China’s oldest and largest State-level scientific research and design institute for the rubber industry and is affiliated with the China National Tire & Rubber Corp. It has a master’s degree program in polymer materials and a reputation that extends beyond China.

It specializes in tire technology development and services and in rubber raw materials development, applications, and service. It is also in the following: rubber equipment, instruments, auxiliaries, and goods development and production; rubber industry standards and information; project consultation and supervision for the chemical industry; testing and inspection of rubber industry, rubber compounds, and finished tire raw materials.

For over 50 years, the institute has helped China’s tire development from bias tires to radial tires, and other industrial progress, in nylon cord, steel cord and other new materials applications, rubber product R&D, and rubber processing and testing equipment. It has more than 200 awards, including the National Science Conference Award, a National Progress in Science and Technology award, and others at the provincial or ministerial level. It developed tire production technology for Hongqi and Beijing jeep, as well as light- and heavy-duty trucks, engineering machinery, and special military vehicles. Its technology has been used by dozens of large and mid-sized domestic tire producers, as well as by producers in Southeast and South Asia. It displays the highest level of tire development in China.

In recent years, the institute has seen some technological improvements in its giant steel radial tire molding machinery, production, and manufacturing technology, and in its large, special radial tire technology, and aviation tire research and development. It also provides technical support for the tire industry and strategic alliances.

The institute grew out of the old Rubber Industry Experiment Institute (under the then light industry ministry); it then became the Rubber Industry Research Institute (chemical industry ministry). In 1958, it was combined with the chemical industry ministry’s Rubber Industry Design Institute and the Mechanical and Electrical Installation Division No.4, to become the Rubber Industry Research and Design Institute. There were further reforms in the scientific and technological system in 1985, and the institute gradually evolved from pure research to scientific operations. In 1999, it changed again, along with 242 other institutes, to a science and technology enterprise, affiliated with the China Haohua Chemical (Group) Corp. In 2008, after a restructuring, it became a part of the China National Tire & Rubber Corp.

It is well equipped, with a rubber testing and inspection center with more than 500 instruments and is a rubber tire quality inspection and testing center with accreditation from the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspections and Quarantine. It is also a compulsory tire certification lab and tire import and export inspection site, and a member of the Ministry of Science and Technology's scientific and technological achievement appraisal team. Its consultation and service system have a great impact on the industry’s standards, information, and measurements. Its Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China professional rubber committee of is a member of International Rubber Conference Organization.

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