R & D in New Materials

The New Materials Department does research on rubber materials and their application for industrialization, including natural rubber, synthetic rubber, rubber skeleton materials, auxiliaries, carbon black, and powder packing, waste rubber uses, consultation on rubber compound and nano-materials, and the industrial application of auxiliaries. China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group) and we teamed up for Beijing Institute of Development and Application of Synthetic Rubber Technology.

The institute is also involved in a joint aviation radial tire project that is part of the national 11th Five-Year Plan, with. The Rubber Industry Beijing Research & Design Institute is responsible for developing new high-strength, lightweight composite  materials to guarantee the success of China’s first aviation radials. It took more than 20 years and a large amount of investment for companies to develop aviation radials, but Chinese technicians did it in a relatively short period of time, while also laying a foundation for new materials for high-performance vehicle tires. 

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