R & D in Tires

The Tire Department wants to raise the level of China’s rubber tires and lead the industry in technology, so it integrates R&D with industrialization and its technology level is among the highest in China, resulting in the following awards:  second place at the National Science and Technology Progress awards in, 1996, for its 60 and 65 series of low section radial tires; third place in the National Science and Technology Progress awards, of 1995, for polyester cord, radial tire technology for light trucks and cars; second place at the Ministry of Science and Technology’s Science and Technology Progress awards, in 1999, for light truck and car radial tire technology with an annual production capacity of 300,000 units; second place at the China Petroleum & Petrochemical Equipment Industry Association’s Science and Technology Progress awards, in 2001, for its 55 and 50 series of high-speed low-rolling resistance car radials; and third place at the National Petrochemical Bureau’s Science and Technology Progress awards, in 1998, for its study of load truck bias tire performance and speed improvement.

In recent years, the institute has accelerated the industrialization of its technology and tire manufacturing, and its special military radial tire R&D has improved as a result. There have been technology transfers, involving large and medium-sized domestic tire manufacturers and companies in Thailand, Burma, India, Nepal, and elsewhere.

The production technology and software covers the following: half-steel radial tire manufacturing; all-steel, heavy-load radial-tire manufacturing; bias tire manufacturing; giant all-steel engineering radial tires; and finite element simulation analysis and CAD software.

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