Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Development

We specialize in R&D on rubber and chemical technology and equipment; rubber processing equipment, stand-alone or transformational, and equipment installation; rubber and chemical industry project contracting; and rubber industry testing instruments. We have a number of national and provincial awards for our research. Our giant 57~ 63-in two-stage, all-steel radial tire shaping machine without reference in market depends entirely on the market operation and independent development, has had a breakthrough and is at the same level as similar products on the international market.

There is a new 8000-sq-m equipment fabrication and assembly shop in Tianjin’s Baodi Economic Development zone, for rubber processing and testing equipment that are selling well across China and are being exported to Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam, Malaysia, Canada, and elsewhere. Two of the technology products -- an upper auxiliary machine and small material scale – have developed a good reputation and a large market share.

Grade-A engineering contracting certified/certificate for rubber industry equipment installation and commissioning and is well equipped with mechanical, electrical, and auto-control technicians. Its equipment and experience ensure the speed and quality of any project. It has handled more than 30 equipment installation and public facilities projects for State-owned and joint-venture tire companies in Thailand, Nepal, Burma, and other countries and has won their praise.

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